Jorge Mealha graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Lisbon in 1987. Since then he has developed projects for a variety of constructions including commercial, housing, industrial premises, schools and sports buildings.

He has been a teacher of Architectural Project at the University Lusíada since 1991.

Prize-winning Projects
Extension of the Pharmaceutical and Genetic Biology Laboratory at the Hospital Dª Estefânia, in Lisbon;
Cantanhede Municipal Public Sports Pavilion. Co-designed with Gonçalo Afonso Dias;
Cantanhede Municipal Public Swimming Pools. Co-designed with Gonçalo Afonso Dias;
Alto da Loba Civic Centre, in Paço de Arcos;
Monção Health Centre, Tangil extension;
Amares Health Centre;
Vizela Health Centre;
Old Age Help Centre in Portela de Carnaxide;
PLEA 88 (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) Cost-controlled climatically adapted domestic building. Vila do Conde.

Works with published projects
Cooperative living complex (1) – Project made up of 296 low-cost dwellings, in Engenheiros e Arquitectos magazine;
(1) Co-designed with Miguel Angelo Silva and Rui Pedro Cabrita.
Boston Consulting Group – New offices in Lisbon, in magazine Architécti Nº 37. (1998);
House ‘Lote 507’ – Aroeira Golf Club, in Casa – Arquitectura & Construção Nº 6, Caras Decoração Nº 34, Casas de Portugal June 2004;
Lipton Tea House – Doca de Stº Amaro, in Casa Cláudia (1999);
Refurbishment of apartment in Linda a Pastora, in Arquitectura & Construção Nº 17, Architécti Nº 62, arq./A Nº 12, Caras Decoração June 2004;
Residence in Belas Country Club, in Arquitectura & Construção Nº 24, Architécti Nº 63, Area-rivista di architettura e arti Nº 71, Arquitectura e Vida Nº 41.

2nd National Exhibition of Architecture-1980s, AAP, Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, Lisbon 1989;
5th Belgrade Triennial of Architecture, invitee as part of the panel New European Values, Belgrade 2000;
National Exhibition of Architecture “Habitar Portugal 2002-2004”, Order of Architects, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon 2004.